My name is Rebekah I am 29 and I am a fiber artist using a technique called wet felting and nuno felting. Each piece I create is unique and made with LOVE! I love felting you can call it an obsession 😍 but thats ok right ? 😉
Here is a little bit about myself and my journey to discovering wet felting:
I was diagnosed 3 years ago with an aggressive osteoblastoma on my spine. I had surgery and it was successfully removed but I had to not only have it removed but also had to have major reconstructive surgery done on my spine and neck. I am now permanently disabled and unable to work but I am in remission….hopefully (God Willing) for the rest of my life🙂
One good thing that came out of being sick was my discovery of felting. It was after returning home from Sloan Kettering Cancer Memorial Hospital that I stumbled upon a YouTube video of someone wet felting a purse. I had tried so many crafts and nothing stuck. I was desperate to do something with my time. I was always doing crafts when I was little but I knew I needed something unique, something I had never heard or seen before in-order for me to stick with it. So I decided to google “top 10 unique crafts” and wet felting was one of them listed,with a YouTube video link next to the description ( thank goodness because I had no idea what the heck they were talking about, wet felting isn’t the easiest thing to explain to people). Once I saw that video I was instanly hooked. It was truly a blessing a sign from God and I am so thankful to him for providing me with the skills needed, the deepest desire to pursue (keep pursuing) and also providing me with the physical energy needed to complete each one of my projects. It may take me 3x’s as long as it would for someone else to create and finish their work but thats ok for me, as long as I can do it there will be a smile on my face.

I am not a writer, It will take a lot of effort for me to do this blog and upload new posts. I love felting and I love reading everyone elses blogs on felting and YouTube videos but havent done anything myself. Call me lazy,selfish and spoiled but I like everyone’s blogs and videos- all the hard work they put into them and I have been to lazy and more often than not too sick to create one. But I think I may take advantage of new technology and use the microphone to narrate instead of typing….we’ll see how this goes. I will enjoy doing it much more if ya’ll enjoy the blogs I create.
Write to me if you have questions, comments, ideas, requests etc. This will be an interesting experiment/adventure for me. My first post is on a baby blanket I made this past summer. I will add more posts later in the weeks.
Look forward to connecting with you all and I hope you enjoy the posts. If there are things in the blogs that I am missing let me know and I’ll be sure to address them. (Except for misspelling’s and grammar- I don’t have the time nor the desire to correct those. Sorry.) Thank you !!!


After hearing that the osteoblastoma was successfully removed…I look at this picture now and can’t believe how big my smile is. Knowing how much pain I was in when this picture was taken always surprises me. Good News makes you smile even in pain 🙏



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