Scrap Scarf

Love these triangle scarfs… the way they lay on your neck looks so beautiful and I love the handspun yarn on the ends it definitely makes the scarf … it’s probably my favorite part of these scarfs.  Each triangular scarf that I make I use handspun yarn on the ends and of course they are all different so it gives the scarf even more character.


IMG_0106IMG_0109IMG_0107IMG_0108IMG_0105I laid out silk gauze 3mm on the bottom,that was like my template.  It gave me the shape – outline to go by.  I then added all different shapes and sizes of silk material that I had left over as scraps from other previous projects I had worked on. I added these on top of the silk gauze and just followed the outline of the silk gauze. I put them in random places it was kind of like a puzzle. I also added some silk hankies making some of them into flowers and then filled in the wholes (bare spots)with merino, curls, silk and recycled silk.

Once the whole thing was covered I wet felted it and then I had dyed parts of the scarf that were white and some other parts that needed ]more dimension. I love the results of this scrap scarf , It came out awesome!IMG_0013

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