Wet Felted Blanket Throw

I was really in the mood to do some felting but I was very lazy and did not want to commit to something that was to much work and needed more energy to be put into it than I was willing to give. So I figured I would make a throw. It is something I can handle when I am not feeling well and don’t have a lot of energy but want to do some felting. We all know how hard it is to fight the urge to do some felting.

It was cold out so I decided to do it in the house on the floor. Great for large pieces your going to make but hard to get around on your knees, definitely worth it though 👍

These are the colors I picked out.

I laid out the first layer horizontally in stripes some thicker in width than the others

 Second layer is laid out going vertical. I only did two layers because I wanted the blanket to me a very light blanket… But you must becareful when only doing two layers. You need to make sure you don’t have any spots that will create a hole or make it so thin that it is completely sheer. When you lay the second layer down just go over it before felting to feel for any spots that are less dense than others. This should be something you do ever time you are felting something that you don’t want to have that cobweb effect.

I wanted to do some detail on it but nothing back breaking and I also wanted to make the design simple because the stripes seemed contemporary to me. I didn’t want to make it too busy. I used dyed mulberry silk and some dyed tencel.

 Layout complete and design complete…. Time to felt.

The Results:

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