🎀 Infinity Scarf

I have been wanting to make something bigger but it’s so difficult because my large tables are out in the garage and it’s FREEZING out there. So I have been stuck in the house sort of limited to making smaller things. I was racking my brain trying to figure out a place that I can make at least a scarf. The only place that I could think of was the floor! LoL

So that’s what I did. I did it on the floor. Now for someone else this wouldn’t be a problem but I am disabled and there is no way that I can get down to the floor without help and back up with out help. Luckily my mother was around to help. I started the laying out process on the coffee table and then when I need to wet it down and begin the felting process I moved it to the floor. This project was very difficult for me not because of the difficulty in project it’s self but because of the physical restraints I have made it very hard. That being said I finished it and was very pleased with how it came out.

This is the wool I used- I purchased it on paradisefiber.com I normally don’t purchase dyed wool simply because it is more expensive and I like to dye my own. But they were having a good sale and I went for it. 


Laying the wool out:image

Cover the hanging tassels with wool

I then transferred the scarf off the coffee table onto the ground and began to felt it. I made sure that I felted the tassels first. I rubbed them for quite a bit to make sure they were strong enough to stay in place when I began to roll


Felting the two ends of the scarf together to create the infinity scarf

This is photos of it completed and in some of the photos is a tunic I had made in the fall. The Scarf actually looks like I made it to go with the tunic…it was just a coincidence, I definitely did not plan it to go but that’s how things go. It looks great together. Hope you  all like it too!


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