🌸🍥🍼Baby Blanket🍼🍥🌸



So this past summer I worked on making a baby blanket. My first one to make and it was a lot of work but well worth it and a blast to create!

I started by taping out the outline of the blanket. Then I layed out silk laps stretching it to the full size of the pattern. Once the laps was laid out I began laying down this beautiful 18.ct merino/tencel dyed in soft pastel colors that I had bought when visiting Judith Dios at New England Felting Supply store on a recent visit I had.

Judith is one of the most talented felting artists I know. Not to mention she is so sweet, caring and genuine! Please check out her work Judithdios.com. She holds workshops where she teaches you how to create one of a kind pieces using the nuno felting technique, unique dying processes etc. It will be a workshop you will not regret going to. I hope one day to attend one! But I was able to observe her hard at work providing 100% attention to each student…. And each student had their own touch and creativity to their piece. They were having a BLAST!!

Ok slightly got off topic (haha). Ok after laying the silk laps out I laid the merino/tencel out.  Once completely laid out I wet felted it. After wet felting it I reshaped it and cut it to straighten it out. I did not have this planned but once I was done wet felting I realized I wanted to make it a heavier baby blanket. So I sewed on a soft backing and quilted it to the wet felted blanket. Then I added ruffles around the border and three ribbon strips across the blanket. I then added flowers to the three strips of  ribbon and a bow to the bottom right corner of the blanket.

It was my first time sewing something so elaborate but it came out beautifully! Let me know what you think!

The next blanket I make will just be wet felted NO sewing  😪.   I want to make another one that is going to be light weight and for a boy. I have these patches that are farm animals and are embroidered around the edges. I’m not sure how I’ll figure out to felt the patches into the blanket since the patches are made out of cotton. I think my best bet – idea so far is it attach prefelt to the back  of the patches then wet felt it… But that will be a challenge!

Silk Laps being laid out:

Silk Laps



The pastel merino/Tencel being laid out:image



The Blanket fully laid out and ready to be wet felted!!! :

Merino/Tencel all laid out…finally!


The blanket finished: Sorry the lighting is not the greatest and the blanket needs to be steamed but still looks good 🙂



The lighting is slightly off in this picture. The lighting made this picture look more yellow than the actual color. The pictures above represent the colors of the blanket better than this one.

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